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Emerging Market House Plans

We have seen major changes in the economy of the United States in recent years; finances have become very tight for many families and in many businesses and governments. These changes in our economy have resulted in major changes in the residential construction industry, many construction companies are out of business, and many homeowners can no longer afford the level of home they enjoyed in previous years.

There is an emerging market for construction that will require many changes to be successful. Our goal in construction is to once again be a vibrant part of the thriving economy found in the United States. This residential construction market that is emerging out of the depression will need to address the new requirements and goals of homeowners who are looking for the right home for the right time, for a home that will meet their families needs in livability, and in affordability. These homeowners may be downsizing to meet new financial goals and to live in a home that realistically works in their budget, now and in the future.

I believe that there will be a need for a new breed of house plans to meet the new emerging market in construction, these emerging market house plans will need to be designed and built to meet the new requirements of the family, new requirements based on family livability and upon realistic budgets. I have listed below the new goals and requirements that can meet the needs of the emerging market.

  • Smaller homes with similar amenities.
  • Cost-effective and simplified construction, yet maintaining architectural integrity.
  • Home design with minimum wasted space.
  • Open concept plans, resulting larger living homes.
  • Home design that looks and lives larger than its actual square footage.
  • Architectural impact resources spent more on the front of the home.
  • Simplified rooflines that still provide optimum architectural style and impact.

I have spent the last two years designing a series of new house plans that will meet the needs of this new emerging market. These new plans will meet the seven requirements listed above. These emerging market house plans can be found on my website, they are listed under the “browse design types” on the home page of I believe these new house plans will be successful in meeting our needs and goals for the future of residential construction and in the future requirements of our families.